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Connecting to Exchange Via Mobile Devices

Central Exchange user mailboxes are accessible using a variety of mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows mobile phones, and Blackberry devices. Shared mailboxes (which are created and managed by departmental Exchange resource coordinators) are not typically accessible via mobile devices unless the device has a web browser that supports accessing a shared mailbox using Outlook Web App. Further details for some of the more widely used mobile device platforms are provided below.

Apple iPhones and iPads

Includes the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Apple devices running iOS version 2.0 or newer and with Internet access (or in the case of the iPhone, an Internet data plan) can sync with Central Exchange.

To connect an iPod Touch to Central Exchange, you need an active WiFi connection. This is supported for on-campus users when connected to the CSU-Net wireless network.

Android Phones

Includes Sprint EVO, Sprint Hero, and Motorola DROID

Smart phones running Google's Android OS are typically compatible with Central Exchange and are supported for connections to Exchange mailboxes. An appropriate data plan from your carrier is necessary to make a connection to Central Exchange using an Android device.

Windows Phone

Using ActiveSync, Windows Phone devices allow direct download of e-mail and calendar from the Exchange server via cellular data networks. ActiveSync synchronizes directly with the Exchange server. An appropriate data plan from your carrier is necessary to make a connection to Central Exchange using Windows Phones.


Common Blackberry Devices: PCS BlackBerry 7250, Rim BlackBerry 7130 EVDO

The Blackberry Enterprise Server service allows the use of a RIM Blackberry device to retrieve, edit, and send e-mail, calendar items, contacts and tasks via cellular data networks. Blackberry devices can view Microsoft Office attachments using a local viewer.

In order to use this service with a central Exchange account you must purchase a license through the Office of Telecommunications - the estimated cost of the license is $65, subject to change. If you have questions or would like to purchase a license, please contact JD McConkey with Telecommunications at 491-1471 or JD.McConkey@ColoState.EDU. When ordering, please have the CSU account number to be billed and the eName of the user for whom the service will be activated available. After the order has been processed, an e-mail will be sent with specific instructions for configuring the service.


Common Palm Devices: Treo 650, Treo 700P EVDO, Palm Pre

Smart phones, such as the Treo 700P, running the Palm OS, can be configured to access email and calendar hosted on Exchange via cellular data networks.

Work with local IT support staff to determine if a PDA running a Palm OS is compatible with Exchange services and to configure the device.