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Office 365 and Central Exchange Services at CSU is the primary resource for faculty and staff to find information regarding Exchange and Office 365 services. If you have questions or if you are looking for information not listed here, please contact the CSU Central IT Help Desk at

News, Announcements, and Updates

12/5/2016 - Maximum Message and Attachment Size Limits Increased: Message size limits have been increased for Office 365 users to allow up to 150MB attachments when using Outlook (Windows) to send e-mail between CSU Office 365 users. Please refer to Mailbox and Message Size Limits for more information, includuing restrictions set for e-mail clients such as Outlook for Mac.

11/28/2016 - Yammer Users Must Login using CSU eID: As of 11/28/2016, all users who utilize Yammer (an Office 365 service) will need to have an active eID and login to Yammer with their username in the format of Microsoft is deprecating legacy login methods, which in some cases allowed users to access Yammer by logging in as and/or after their CSU eID was no longer active.

11/22/2016 - Office 365 Safety Tips: Microsoft has implemented "Safety Tips" that will flag some incoming e-mails as potentially fraudulent. Please refer to Office 365 Safety Tips for more information.

10/21/2016 - Office 365 Groups: Office 365 Groups, which provide a group mailbox, shared file space, calendar, notebook, and an Office 365 plan are now available. Please refer to Office 365 Groups for more information about creating and using groups.

9/21/2016 - Archive Mailboxes: For users needing more than 50GB of space in their mailbox, we are now offering Archive Mailboxes to provide additional space. Refer to Using Archive Mailboxes in Office 365 for more information.

9/8/2016 - Office 365 SharePoint / MS Project sites now available: Sharepoint Online services are now available. Please visit Office 365 Sharepoint Online for more details.