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Office 365 and Central Exchange Services at CSU is the primary resource for faculty and staff to find information regarding Exchange and Office 365 services. If you have questions or if you are looking for information not listed here, please contact the CSU Central IT Help Desk at

News, Announcements, and Updates

11/28/2018 - Connecting to Office 365 Services will Require Office 365 ProPlus or Office 2016/newer in October 2020: Microsoft has announced that starting October 13, 2020, it will be necessary to have Office 365 ProPlus or Office 2016 (or newer) to connect to Office 365 services. This is a change from an earlier announcement that previously stated that Office 2019 or newer would be required. Office ProPlus activated using Device Based Activation (DBA) is available to CSU departments wanting to make the change to Office ProPlus. Please refer to Helping customers shift to a modern desktop for more information about the announcement concerning Office 365 system requirements.

10/25/2018 - Microsoft will stop supporting Basic Authentication for Apps using Outlook REST API v1.0 starting November 1, 2018: This announcement recently appeared in the admin message center and we are posting it as an FYI in case it applies to anyone. More info is available at Outlook REST API v1.0, Office 365 Discovery, and Live Connect API deprecation.

8/14/2018 - Office 365 No Longer Supporting TLS 1.0 and 1.1 as of 10/31/2018: Starting October 31, 2018, Microsoft will be discontinuing support of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for connecting to Office 365. We do not anticipate this having a major impact but users using older clients such as IE 10 or earlier on Windows 7 or Safari 6.0.4/OS X10.8.4 will not be able to connect to Office 365 services after 10/31. Please refer to Preparing for the mandatory use of TLS 1.2 in Office 365 for more information.

8/1/2018 - All New CSU eIDs Created with Office 365 E-mail Accounts: Starting August 1, 2018, any user registering for an eID will automatically be assigned an Office 365 mailbox. Prior to this change, faculty and staff eIDs were created with Office 365 mailboxes while applicants and undergrad students were provisioned with Google Apps (@rams) mailboxes. Refer to Email Accounts for more information about e-mail accounts at CSU.