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Office 365 and Central Exchange Services at CSU is the primary resource for faculty and staff to find information regarding Exchange and Office 365 services. If you have questions or if you are looking for information not listed here, please contact the CSU Central IT Help Desk at

News, Announcements, and Updates

1/28/2016 - New Method to Authenticate with Shared Mailboxes: Effective on Friday (1/29), a new option will be available to connect to shared mailboxes in Office 365. This new option does not affect how users who are members of a shared mailbox permissions group currently access shared mailboxes. Refer to Authenticating with Shared Mailboxes in Office 365 for more information.

1/27/2016 - RESOLVED - Error when Accessing Shared Mailboxes using URL: Microsoft has fixed the issue that caused an error when users would attempt to access a shared mailbox by directly entering the URL

12/18/2015 - RESOLVED - Intermittent Problems Accessing Office 365 Voice Mail:: Microsoft has fixed the issue that was causing intermittent delays or disconnects with Office 365 voice mail. The issue was resolved by a firmware upgrade on the applicable hardware in Microsoft facilities.

12/7/2015 - RESOLVED - Office 365 Voice Mail Unavailable:: The problem that was affecting access to voice mail hosted in Office 365 has been resolved by Microsoft support.

11/23/2015 - Enabled Feature to allow CSU Skype Users to connect with External Skype Contacts: The option to let CSU users use Skype for Business to communicate with Skype users outside of CSU is now enabled. Most Skype features are supported between CSU users and external Skype for Business or Skype (consumer version) contacts. Please refer to for instructions for adding external Skype Contacts.

10/30/2015 - Spam and Junk Email Filtering transitioning to Office 365: Starting Tuesday, November 3, spam and junk e-mail filtering will be handled in Office 365 using Exchange Online Protection. This change affects many e-mail domains including e-mail sent to and addresses. Students using addresses hosted on Google Apps will NOT be affected by this change. Please refer to the post titled Managing Spam and Junk E-mail in Office 365 for more information about junk e-mail settings in Office 365.

10/29/2015 - RESOLVED - Shared Mailbox Access for Non Exchange Users: As of 10/29/15, the problem reported by users who do not have an Office 365 mailbox and who access shared mailboxes using Outlook Web App (OWA) has been resolved. Users who implemented the workaround for the issue (disabling the "Conversations" view in OWA) can re-enable the conversations view, if desired.

10/15/2015 - Office 365 Migration Update: Most user and resource mailboxes have been successfully migrated to Office 365 and there are no further large "batches" of user mailboxes scheduled to migrate. New user and resource mailboxes will be created directly in Office 365.

10/7/2015 - Office 365 Forwarding Issues: Some users who have configured forwarding on their Office 365 mailbox have reported that in certain instances they are not receiving e-mail sent to them. Please refer to for more information. We are currently investigating what, if anything, can be done to address forwarding issues. If you or your users experience problems with e-mail not forwarding as expected, the recommended solution is to remove forwarding settings or to configure forwarding so that copies of e-mail messages remain in Office 365.

9/23/2015 - Office 365 Exchange Performance Problems affecting Outlook (Last Updated 9/28 at 2:20pm): Microsoft is reporting that they have completed the deployment of the fix to resolve the issues some users reported when connecting to Office 365 mailboxes using Outlook. They are currently monitoring the environment to verify the deployed fix works as expected. Please report any persisting Outlook performance or connectivity problems to

9/2/2015 - RESOLVED - Ongoing Office 365 Exchange Performance Problems (Last Updated 9/2 at 9:40pm): While early indicators showed that we might experience degraded performance in Outlook and Office 365 Exchange, Office 365 services were available throughout the day on Wednesday, 9/2. In the event this changes, please contact if you or your users notice problems so that we can convey the information to Microsoft to assist with troubleshooting.

9/1/2015 - RESOLVED - Reoccurrence of Office 365 Exchange Performance Problems (Last Updated 9/1 at 10:20pm): We received a few reports from users with Office 365 mailboxes who were experiencing problems similar to yesterday. Affected users reported e-mail problems including Outlook being slow or not updating as expected or not being able to send and receive e-mail. The latest update from Microsoft indicated that they identified a portion of their infrastructure that was unresponsive due to high resource utilization and they have redistributed the load away from those servers. Office 365 Exchange services should now be fully functional.

8/31/2015 - RESOLVED - Office 365 Exchange Performance Problems (Last Updated 8/31 at 7:30pm): Office 365 e-mail service has been restored. Prior to being restored some users with Office 365 mailboxes reported e-mail problems including Outlook being slow or not updating as expected or not being able to send and receive e-mail.

7/28/2015 - Office 365 Migration Schedule Posted: The Central Exchange to Office 365 Migration Schedule has been posted. The schedule is set so that users with the same Employee Department Number as specified in HR are moved together. A department's Exchange Resourcess (rooms, equipment, and shared mailboxes) are moved in the same batch as the area's Primary Exchange Resource Coordinator.

RESOLVED - UNSCHEDULED OUTAGE (Last Updated 7/15/2015 8:30PM) Office 365 Connection Issues: : Office 365 e-mail service has been restored. Microsoft engineers were able to identify and disable a recent update that resulted in connection problems from Outlook, the Office 365 portal, and mobile devices. At this time, Office 365 services are fully functional.

7/15/2015 - New User Mailboxes Created in Office 365: As of July 1st, all new user mailboxes will be created directly in Office 365.

6/16/2015 - Office 365 Status Check Tools: An Office 365 Mailbox and License Check tool is now available for users to check the status of their Office 365 account and Exchange mailbox, including when a user's mailbox is scheduled to migrate in cases where a date has been set. A similar tool is also available for Resource Coordinators (look for the "O365 Migration Check" llink) to check the current location and migration status of users mailboxes, shared mailboxes, and room/equipment mailboxes.

5/28/2015 - Video Recording of Office 365 Migration Open Forum Session Available: A recorded session of the Office 365 Open Forum is viewalble online at Exchange to Office 365 Open Forum - 5/27/2015