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CSU's Central Exchange Service is the primary resource for faculty and staff to find information regarding the Exchange system. If you have questions regarding the Exchange system or if you are looking for information not listed here, please contact

News, Announcements, and Updates

10/20/2014 - New Certificate Installed: A new certificate was installed for to replace an expiring cert. Please contact if you have questions or notice any problems with e-mail clients connecting with the new certificate in place.

9/24/2014 - Known Issue with Google Chrome v37 and Outlook Web App: Users who utilize Google Chrome to access Outlook Web App (OWA) will be impacted by a recent update to Google Chrome that prevents users from accessing the Address Book by clicking the "To..." or "CC..." link when composing a new message. The cause of this is a recent Google decision to no longer support modal dialog boxes, which are used by OWA. Because a server side fix is not available, impacted users will need to either click the option to use the light version of Outlook Web App on the login screen or use a browser other than Google Chrome to access OWA. Optionally, IT admins may considering implementing a Group Policy setting that extends support of modal dialogs through April 30, 2015 and has effectively mitigated the problem on Windows PCs during preliminary testing by ACNS.

8/12/2014 - Office 365 Q&A Meeting Scheduled: ACNS is hosting an Office 365 Q&A session on Thursday, August 14 from 2:00pm-3:00pm in room 224 at the Lory Student Center. Please plan to attend if you have questions about Office 365 services, including the upcoming transition to Office 365 Exchange for e-mail.

7/28/2014 - Office 365 Services Available: Office 365 services including Lync, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Office subscriptions for eligible users are now available. More information about Office 365 has been posted to this site under the newly added Office 365 navigation menu on the left.

12/31/2013 - Exchange Calendaring Best Practices Posted: Refer to the Exchange Calendaring Best Practices post for recommendations regarding use of Exchange calendaring from Outlook, mobile devices, etc.

10/31/2013 - Outlook for Mac 2011 Best Practices: Please refer to the Outlook for Mac 2011 Best Practices post for new recommendations regarding the use of Outlook 2011. Specifically, it is recommended that no more than 5,000 items be stored in any given folder when using Outlook for Mac 2011 to access Exchange.