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Naming Conventions

All resources will follow the same basic naming convention for the sake of consistency and will follow the following format:

[Unit Prefix/Acronym] [Description]

Unit Prefix/Acronym: defined by the resource coordinator one time and subsequently used as the prefix when requesting rooms, resources, distribution lists, etc., for the unit. In some instances, a resource coordinator will have access to multiple prefixes. (e.g. an ACNS resource coordinator might also be requesting rooms or distribution lists for CTSS and would likewise have two options for prefixes when requesting resources,)

Description: resource coordinators will be responsible for maintaining naming consistency for the resources assigned to a particular unit. While not required, it is recommended that resource coordinators consider a naming scheme that will group resource "types" (equipment, rooms, distribution lists, etc.) together to accommodate the searching process coupled with a concise but descriptive name for the resource. In the example below, the departments prefix is "ACNS" and the descriptive names or distribution lists begin with "DL:", the descriptive names of equipment begins with "EQ:", and the descriptive names of rooms begin with "RM:".

  • ACNS DL: ACNS Management
  • ACNS DL: ACNS Networking Staff
  • ACNS DL: Administrative Staff
  • ACNS EQ: Jeep - 601 S Howes
  • ACNS EQ: LCD Projector - USC South 610
  • ACNS RM: Conference Room - USC South 610

All resources, regardless of type, are associated with a mailbox in the Exchange system. Resource coordinators can modify mailbox permissions and membership for all resources within their organizational unit.