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Resource Management

Functional units (Colleges, departments, etc.) have the ability to create Office 365 resources including SharePoint sites and Exchange resources such as equipment (projectors, vehicles, etc.), rooms, distribution lists, and shared mailboxes (e.g. a helpdesk e-mail account) for use by the unit. The first step in the process of creating Office 365 resources is to check if your unit has an existing Resource Department. If it does, work with the contact listed to create the resource(s) you need. If it does not, identify a person who will act as the primary resource coordinator for your department. That person will in turn request a new Resource Department. When the department is created, the person requesting a department is automatically listed as the primary contact for the department, although other people may be added to create and manage resources for the department. One of the first things a Resource Coordinator will want to do for a new department is to request one or more prefixes that will be used when creating Exchange resources for the department. Refer to the Prefixes and Resource Naming Conventions section of this site for more information regarding prefixes and resource naming.

Resource Coordinators

One or more Resource Coordinators are identified for each of the Resource Departments, which represent CSU functional units and departments. Resource Coordinators can define shared resources specific to the unit's needs. Coordinators have the ability to request and use a specific set of prefixes when creating Exchange resources for the unit. Resource coordinators will use the Resource Coordinator Tools to manage Exchange resources.