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Delegate Access to Mailboxes in Office 365

You can use Microsoft Outlook to set delegates who can receive and respond to e-mail messages and meeting requests on your behalf. Delegates can be set for a user mailbox or a shared mailbox.

Steps to Enable Delegate Access (Outlook for Windows)

  1. Log in to Outlook. Note: If you are configuring delegate access for a shared mailbox, you must configure Outlook to connect directly to the shared mailbox using the steps at Configure Outlook to Connect Directly to a Shared Mailbox in Office 365 or by setting a password for a shared mailbox and configuring Outlook using the shared mailbox's username and password.
  2. Within Outlook, click the File tab.
  3. Click Account Settings > Delegate Access...
  4. Click Add and enter for the name of the user who should have Delegate access.
  5. Select the user and click Add and then OK.
  6. Set the permission levels for the selected delegate and click OK to add the delegate.
  7. Click OK to close the Delegates window

For more information about Delegate access (including a description of available permissions) please refer to Allow someone else to manage your mail and calendar.