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Configure an iPhone or iPad to connect to Microsoft 365 Exchange

The steps below can be used to configure your iPhone or iPad to connect to Microsoft 365 Exchange e-mail.

  1. Check (and update if needed) that your iPhone or iPad has been upgraded to the current version of the iOS operationg System. You can find this under Settings->General->Software Update. This may take a while but the Duo mobile app will not work properly if you are using an older version of iOS.
  2. Go to "Settings", "Mail" and then "Accounts". If you had previously configured a connection to CSU Exchange or Microsoft 365, remove the account from your device by clicking "Exchange" > "Delete Account" (at the bottom of the resulting screen).
  3. On the "Accounts" screen referenced above (at "Settings" > "Mail" > "Accounts") select "Add account" and then choose "Microsoft Exchange".
  4. Selecting "Microsoft Exchange" prompts for the following. The format of the entries you should enter are included after each:
    • Email:
    • Description: Leave default or optionally set
  5. Click "Next".
  6. Click "Sign in" (do not click option to manually configure).
  7. Enter your eID password on the Microsoft login page.
  8. Click "Sign in" and then authenticate with DUO if prompted. After authenticating, the device will present a new screen with on/off toggles for syncing e-mail, contacts, calendar, etc.
  9. Select desired options and click "Save"

More information about configuring an iPhone or iPad with Microsoft 365 is available at Set up an Outlook account in the iOS Mail app.