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Upgrade to New OneDrive Sync Client

On September 12, 2017, ACNS will update settings in Office 365 so that only the new OneDrive sync client can be used to sync local folders and files with OneDrive for Business. The update is necessary to allow CSU users to sync with both SharePoint Online site libraries (not supported with current settings in Office 365) as well as users' OneDrive for Business storage. The new sync client has been available since 2016 but legacy settings are still in place in Office 365 to support both the old and new sync client. After September 12, older versions of the OneDrive for Business sync client will no longer work and users will need to upgrade to the new OneDrive client to continue to sync with OneDrive for Business. Please refer to the information below for details about how to determine what version of OneDrive sync client is currently installed and how to install and configure the new OneDrive sync client.

Note: The scheduled update only affects users who have configured syncing between OneDrive for Business and a Windows or Mac PC and who are still using an older version of the sync client. Users who utilize OneDrive for Business but exclusively use the Office 365 Portal to manage and access their OneDrive for Business folders and files will not be affected by the change. Also, users who have previously upgraded to the new OneDrive sync client will not be affected.

How to Determine OneDrive Sync Client Version

Updating\Deploying the New OneDrive Sync Client