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Sharing a user's calendar or opening another user's shared calendar

In some instances you may want to share your calendar so that one or more people can view or edit your calendar directly from Outlook. Permissions can be configured to allow other users access to your calendar using the stesp below.

Share a user's calendar:

  1. Login to Outlook as the user who wants to share their calendar.
  2. Click on "Calendar" (in the bottom ribbon) in Outlook.
  3. Right-click on "Calendar - Mailbox - Last, First", select "Properties", and click the "Permissions" tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Add the users and/or distribution lists to whom you'd like to grant access to your calendar.
  6. With the user or distribution list highlighted on the "Calendar Properties" window, grant the appropriate "Permission Level" - for example "Reviewer" or "Publishing Editor".
  7. Click OK.

Open another user's shared calendar:

  1. Login to Outlook as a user who was granted permissions to view another person's calendar.
  2. Click on "Calendar" (in the bottom ribbon) in Outlook.
  3. Click "Open Calendar" button in the top ribbon.
  4. Select "Open a Shared Calendar" option.
  5. Select the user who shared their calendar to you from the GAL by clicking "Name...", selecting the user in the GAL, and clicking OK.
  6. Check the checkbox next to the calendar as it appears under the "Other Calendars" section.