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Device Based Activation for Office ProPlus

Microsoft is transitioning to a new method of Office deployment called Device Based Activation (DBA) that offers IT professionals at CSU a method to deploy the same version of Office currently available to CSU users using the Click to Run (C2R) option presented in the Office 365 Portal. Device based activation is intended to be the installation method in cases that would have historically required an MSI install of Office (obtained from RamTech); for example, DBA can be used to deploy Office 365 ProPlus on CSU-managed workstations and in computer labs. Using Device Based Activation does NOT count against the 5 copies of Office an individual user is allotted through CSU's Office 365 agreement. The C2R/DBA version of Office (whether installed directly by users from the Office 365 portal or by sys admins using Device Based Activation) includes updates and functionality such as Office 365 Group support that are not available with the MSI version.


Office DBA FAQs

What are the installation steps to install Office using Device Based Activation??

Deployment options are summarized at Office DBA Deployment. Note that similar to Windows 10, Office DBA leverages deployment channels including Monthly Channel (Targeted), Monthly Channel, Semi-annual Channel (Targeted), and Semi-annual Channel. Refer to How to 'Switch Channels' for Office DBA for more information about setting or switching channels.

What versions of Office are available using Device Based Activation?

32-bit or 64-bit versions of Office for Windows can be deployed using Device Based Activation.

What options are available if a computer that requires Microsoft Office is not connected to the Internet??

For computers that do not have a persistent connection to the Internet, Office will need to be installed using an MSI installer on traditional media, which can be obtained from RamTech.

What happens if the same computer name is reused or used by multiple departments??

While ACNS recommends that system administrators utilize naming conventions (ex: ACNSPCLINCOLN) that help ensure a unique name, Office DBA allows for up to 5 devices with the same computer name (regardless of FQDN) to activate and use Office installed with Device Based Activation. If the number of allowed activations is exceeded, the computer in question can be renamed or users can contact ACNS to investigate and administratively de-activate hosts that are no longer online.

Is there a deadline to make the switch from deploying Office using the traditional MSI installer to using Device Based Activation??

Microsoft has not set a hard deadline and in some cases (such as for computers without an Internet connection) the MSI-installed version of Office is the only option. However, Microsoft has indicated that some Office features, such as accesing Office 365 Groups, are only available with the C2R/DBA versions of Office and are recommending that users and IT admins make the switch to Device Based Activation.

Can Device Based Activation be used to install Office on a Mac??

No, Device Based Activation is only supported on Windows 7 or newer. Microsoft has not announced plans to make it available for Mac OS.

Are there any areas on campus already using Device Based Activation??

Yes, several departments have successfully tested and/or deployed installing Office with Device Based Activation.

Please e-mail if you have further questions about leveraging device based activation when deplying Office.