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Outlook Terminal Server

The "Outlook Terminal Server" was created specifically for instances where people need to configure a setting only available using an Outlook client and either do not have access to an Outlook client installed on a PC or if a user's PC login does not allow them to configure Exchange settings such as delegate access. Instructions for connecting to the Outlook Terminal Server are available at

Common Task Performed on the Outlook Terminal Server

  • Configure Delegate Access: To setup delegate access, connect to the Outlook Terminal server and from Outlook go to "File" > "Account Settings" > "Delegate Access" to manage delegates for your Exhcange mailbox and/or calendar.
  • Import Calendar Only Rules: If you have selected the Central Exchange for Calendar Only option from eID, you should import the Exchange rules for Calendar-only users - this is a one-time setup that must be done from Outlook. The reasoning behind this is explained further at Import Exchange rules for "calendar-only users". Please note, however, that the process varies slightly if you are importing the rule using the Outlook Terminal Server. Please refer to the instructions in the Import Calendar Only Rules file on the desktop when you login to the Outlook Terminal Server.